My wife was destroyed by her A&E job so I convinced her to quit.

This is a piece I wrote for the Guardian. Working as a paediatric nurse in accident and emergency was my wife’s dream job. A week after she qualified, she was offered a position in one of the largest emergency departments in the country. I’d never seen her so happy; I’d never seen anyone that excited... Continue Reading →


2017: The Year I Learnt to Read Again

I love books. I love how they look, feel and smell. I love arranging them neatly on shelves. And, of course, I love reading them. But, if I’m honest, and to my great shame, prior to last year I hadn’t read a book for several years. Some of my warmest memories include the hours I... Continue Reading →


Breakwater Sitting on the bottom step Waiting for your beating. You don't have anywhere to hide Or option of retreating. He crashes up against the door Roaring: "let me in!" When a drop of water hits your nose And trickles down your chin. You rush upstairs and drain the bath Where your children played. Whose... Continue Reading →


Mother-in-law His mother shared her secrets for your safety, Knowing well what men can do when drunk. And though she never called her boy a rapist, She guessed how far her son may well have sunk. Seeing eyes black underneath the powder, Knowing you hadn't walked into a door, Using the same excuse when she... Continue Reading →

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